Python Minecraft FAQ

Why can’t I...

... change anything in my world?

If you can’t create or destroy blocks in your world through the Minecraft game itself, you probably need to make sure that your player has Operator status on the game server.

How do I...

... create a new world?

To create a new world, you need to use the /createworld WORLDNAME to create a world named WORLDNAME. Then use the command /spawn WORLDNAME to switch to that world. To create and joing a world named Mine, you would use the following two commands:

/createworld Mine
/spawn Mine

The world you are in when the game starts it called default. To return to it, you would use the command /spawn default.

Why is...

... my network connection so slow?

You might have connected via Wi-Fi to UofM Guest instead of UofM Secure. The Guest network has much less bandwidth, and is too slow for most useful work.