code group
Code groups are topics in the Twin Cities’ CoderDojo. When students sign up to attend, they indicate interest in three different code groups. They get assigned to a specific code group once the number of mentors is known. This usually happens a couple of days before the event.
command line
The command line is the place where you type commands and your computer executes them. On Windows, you need to launch the Command Prompt. On Ubuntu Linux and on OS X, you can launch a program called Terminal.
lab instance
In the hosted environment we use for the CoderDojo classes, each student has a private instance that contains a Minecraft server and world, an IPython notebook server, and copies of Python scripts with exercises and example programs.
lab instance connection card
A piece of paper that has the address of your private Minecraft server, the address of your private IPython notebook server, and the password needed to connect to it.
text editor

A text editor is a program that is lets a user edit plain text files. Most programs are stored in plain text files, so computer programmers often use text editors to create and change these files.

On a Windows PC, the text editor that comes with the Windows itself is called Notepad. On a many versions of Linux, a program named gedit is often installed. On Mac OS X, the text editor is commonly called TextEdit.