Lessons LearnedΒΆ

We are attempting to capture lessons learned in the course of conducting the classroom sessions over time.

Lessons/Thoughts from 2015-01-24ΒΆ

The WiFi setup on name-badges was much easier to manage than trying to cross credentials off lists. It did take a little more coordination to get WiFi set up on Dojo-provided PCs. We had to line up the badges on the appropriate PCs, and then log them in.

We had a lot of students who came without a PC, or without a PC that could run Minecraft (e.g., one student brought a Chromebook). This put us behind the curve because several students didn’t have a PC to work from. We eventually settled on having them join another student with a working PC, but it was suboptimal.

There are a variety of problems running Minecraft on the PCs:

  • We had some student experience crashes upon trying to connect their PC to the server. They could join servers with 1.8, but on 1.7.10, they got a java OutOfBounds exception crash.