Prepared ExercisesΒΆ

We have a handful of exercises prepared for your exploration in the classroom. The exercises should be visible in your IPython notebook session, under the folder named exercises. If you cannot see the exercises folder in IPython, click on the icon of the house to navigate to the top level folder.

Exercise 1: Hello World!
You’ve probably already walked through this exercise as part of testing your environment, but later on, you might see if you can change it to do something more interesting, like saying your name or printing the current time.
Exercise 2: Getting Started with IPython
This exercise gets you familiar with the IPython environment.
Exercise 3: Basic Python Syntax
This exercise introduces you to the core syntax of the Python language.
Exercise 4: Change the Minecraft world using Python
This exercise helps you use Python to make changes within the Minecraft world.
Exercise 5: Minecraft changes trigger activity in Python
This exercise shows you how Python can detect when something has happened in the Minecraft world so it can react.