Other Scripts to Explore

In addition to the prepared IPython exercises, your IPython instance has access to plenty of other IPython examples. The examples should be visible in your IPython notebook session, under the folder named examples. If you cannot see the examples folder in IPython, click on the icon of the house to navigate to the top level folder.

Here are some that might be fun to play with:

Simple Sripts

These scripts are pretty simple, and good places for beginners to start:

Moderate Sripts

These scripts are a step more complex. Move on to these when you are ready for a challenge.


This script makes a “snake” of TNT through your world.


This script creates spherical objects in your Minecraft world.


This script shows you how to make spheres hollow: fill them with air. This technique comes in handy in other places, too.

Advanced Sripts

These scripts are really complex. If you can figure these out, you are ready to make your own Mods.


This script draws and animates an analog clock in your Minecraft world. Really cool.