Connect to Wi-FiΒΆ

The username and password needed you need to connect to the campus Wi-Fi is printed on the name badge passed out to each student and mentor. These credentials are only good for the day of the session, so if you have credentials saved on your computer from a prior session, you will need to delete them and use the ones on your name badge. These credentials are good for a single device (e.g., one laptop). If you need an extra set of credentials for additional devices, check with one of the mentors.

The official documentation for connecting to the UMN campus Wi-Fi is available in the WiFi Setup Guides. You should look at the section for your specific operating system under the heading UoM Secure.

That said, you might be able to muddle through setting up a connection using only the key bits of information below:

  • Connect to the UofM Secure SSID. Other networks might seem to work (e.g., UofM Guest), but they are bandwidth-restricted. You will have Internet connectivity, but will be terribly slow.

  • Choose WPA2-Enterprise security.

  • Choose AES encryption.

  • If you’re only visiting the campus for a short time to participate in a CoderDojo event, it is probably unnecessary to configure the Protected EAP properties or to mess around with any advanced settings like 802.1X or its certificates. Skipping those steps means you can’t be positive that your PC is talking to the University-provided Wi-Fi infrastructure, but the risk is pretty low.


    However, if you live, study, or work on campus, take the extra time to go through all the setup steps in the official documentation so you stay secure.

Once Wi-Fi is working and you are able to visit websites (try the CoderDojo site), move on to connecting to your lab instance.