Build Worlds in Minecraft with Python

This documentation supports the CoderDojo Twin Cities’ Build worlds in Minecraft with Python code group. This group intends to teach you how to use Python, a general purpose programming language, to mod the popular game called Minecraft. It is targeted at students aged 10 to 17 who have some programming experience in another language. For example, in Scratch.

In the Classroom?

Are you in the classroom right now? This section is for you! Visit the first page linked below (hint: it reads Overview), read through the material, and then click through the link under the Next topic heading on each page to work through all the documentation.

Getting Help

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Other Setups

Here are some instructions for setting up software to support different circumstances:

  • At Home, The Easy Way: If you are interested in recreating the environment we use in the CoderDojo lab, but for a single user, on your own PC, you should consult our guide for Vagrant.
  • At Home, The Hard Way: If you are interested in installing all the software needed to run these examples directly on your PC (without using Vagrant to simplify the job), we currently have a guide that covers doing so on Windows. Users of other platforms can consult this guide and try to adapt it for their circumstances. Ultimately, we intend to also provide guides for Apple’s OS X and Ubuntu Linux.


Mentors need docs too! Here they are: